Preliminary Version: Transforming Libraries Portal (From American Libraries Association)

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Direct to Preliminary Version of ALA’s Transforming Libraries Portal. You can share feedback by using this contact page.

Some resources are organized by library type (Public Libraries; School Libraries; and Academic Libraries).  These pages contain a links to articles; books; conferences; general resources, tools, etc. that discuss library transformation issues.

Other resources are organized by topic:

  • Literacy
  • Management
  • Programming
  • Service Delivery in Libraries

Finally, you can also find materials linked to on other pages aggregated by type:

The creation of a Transforming Libraries Portal was mentioned by ALA Executive Director, Keith Michael Fiels, in a Executive Director’s Message about a month ago in an American Libraries article about a month ago.

The board discussed creation of a Transforming Libraries portal on the ALA website, providing a single point of access for links to all of the many resources within the divisions, offices, round tables, and other units of ALA.

Direct to Transforming Libraries Portal. Share feedback here.

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