New Issue of IFLA Journal Now Online (37.2; June 2011)

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Articles Include:


  • “Promoting a culture for reading in a diverse world” by Ray Doiron and Marlene Asselin
  • “Electronic governance and hybrid libraries in Namibia” by  Wilhelm Uutoni, Wilson Yule and Cathrine T. Nengomasha
  • “Library assistants as situated learners: How they can learn more effectively” by  Teresa To
  • “The mutations of marketing and libraries” by  Wolfgang Ratzek
  • “Libraries Driving Access to Knowledge: Action for Europe”
    Reports on the IFLA Presidential Meeting, April 2011 The IFLA Presidential Meeting 2011 – a summary”
    by Ingeborg Verheul, Fiona Bradley, Stuart Hamilton, Ellen R. Tise, Neelie Kroes, Federica Marangio, Shaked Spier, and Marian Koren