New Issue Alert: Evidence Based Library and Information Practice (Vol. 6 No. 4)

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Here’s a Small SELECTION of Articles and Summaries:

Is There a Future for Evidence Based Library and Information Practice?
by Andrew Booth

Employers’ Perspectives on Future Roles and Skills Requirements for Australian Health Librarians
by Suzanne Lewis, Gillian Hallam, Ann Ritchie, Catherine Clark, Cheryl Hamill, Melanie Foti, Patrick O’Connor

Library Instruction for Freshman English: A Multi-Year Assessment of Student Learning
by Susan Gardner

Librarians View Instruction as Integral to Their Professional Identities
by Ann Medaille

Academic Libraries Should Consider a Strategic Approach to Promotion and Marketing of e-Books
by Nazi Torabi

The Library of Congress, Dewey Decimal, and Universal Decimal Classification Systems are Incomplete and Unsystematic
by Cari Merkley

Assessing Vocational Development in Prospective School Librarians
by Gayle Bogel

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