New Database: Time-Series Plots of Phrases in U.S. Supreme Court Opinions (Legal Language Explorer)

Posted on December 17, 2011 by

From the Marquette University Law School Blog:

Emory and Michigan State Law Schools have teamed up to create a free database that allows you to search for a term or phrase in U.S. Supreme Court opinions (1791-2005) and automatically generate a time-series frequency chart of the phrase’s appearance.


As described by its creators, the database is in a “beta pre-release” phase, and they invite your feedback. Eventually they hope to expand coverage to lower courts, such as the U.S. Courts of Appeals.

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Direct to Database: Legal Language Explorer

See Also: Research Paper By Database Developers: “Legal N-Grams? A Simple Approach to Track the ‘Evolution’ of Legal Language” (via SSRN)

Hat Tip & Thanks: Matt Weaver/@mattweaver