Cataloging: SkyRiver and Donohue Group Announce Partnership

Posted on December 21, 2011 by

From a News Release:

The Donohue Group Incorporated (DGI) and SkyRiver announce a collaboration whereby DGI will contribute full and in-process MARC records to the SkyRiver database.

DGI’s clients include several publishers of nonprint and electronic content such as Playaway, Recorded Books, and AudioGo. These publishers have negotiated with SkyRiver to permit DGI to contribute full MARC records for their titles. “As library acquisition of electronic materials grows, DGI’s contribution of these records is a valuable new enhancement to the SkyRiver database,” says Georgia Fujikawa, SkyRiver’s VP for Operations. In addition, DGI will be contributing PCIP (Publisher’s Cataloging-In-Publication) records for hundreds of their small and independent press clients.