New Reference Resources: India: Statistics Ministry Releases Year Book 2012 and DevInfo 3.0

Posted on December 27, 2011 by

From The Economic Times:

Statistics and Programme Implementation Minister Srikant Kumar Jena today launched two new statistical products, ‘DevInfo India Version 3.0’ and ‘The Statistical Year Book 2012’, offering socio-economic data and a range of analytical tools.

“These two statistical products are our attempt to keep in tune with the latest technology so as to make life easier for those using them,” Jena said while launching these products.

DevInfo India Version 3.0 is a data dissemination tool with the facility to prepare tables, charts, maps from the stored database in a user-friendly manner.

On the other hand, The Statistical Year Book 2012 provides a wide range of data on various facets of the Indian economy.

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