Bloomberg’s Princeton Office is Going Solar

Posted on January 4, 2012 by

From the Bloomberg Blog:

…we are close to completing installation of a 1.8 megawatt solar power system that is expected to generate the equivalent of over 50% of the Skillman office’s electricity. The Bloomberg facilities and sustainability teams have been working with SunPower Corp. and Integrys Energy Services to install this eight-acre, ground-mounted solar tracking system.


Bloomberg will buy the clean power generated from the system at prices below retail rates, providing a long-term hedge against rising power prices with no initial capital investment. The system will be owned by Solar Star NJ VI, LLC, a wholly-owned, indirect subsidiary of Integrys Energy Services, Inc. Solar Star will sell the solar renewable energy credits and environmental attributes associated with the system.

Read the Complete Blog Post (Includes Images of Installation)

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