Report: Nintendo Set To Enter Realm of e-Readers

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From the Forget the Box Blog:

Nintendo is planning to launch a digital e-reader type service where you can download books, magazines, newspapers, comics, and other publications to your Wii U console. These publications would stream to your Wii U controller’s touchscreen, and you could go lay in your bed or couch and read them. The touch screen would be used to flip through pages of an e-book or magazine, and there would even be a searchable index.


Nintendo is actively seeking publishers to bring electronic versions of popular magazines to the Wii U in the future. A wide variety of these magazines are related to sports, politics, technology, entertainment, celebrities, music, cooking, and fashion. If you already have a subscription to a specific magazine, the Wii U has the ability to automatically download the latest issue as soon as it’s available even if the system is turned off and you’re asleep.

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