Now Available Online: ebrary’s 2011 Global Student E-book Survey

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Today, ebrary publicly released its 2011 Global Student E-book Survey that was created and distributed by librarians  The report also includes a paper by Dr. Allen McKiel, Dean of Library Services at Western Oregon University. The paper compares results from the 2011 survey with those from a similar survey conducted by ebrary in 2008.

From a Summary:

In the 2011 paper, McKiel writes: “Books, whether electronic or print, again provide assurance of validity to the highest percentage of students in this survey as in the 2008 survey. Five of the six top slots were given to books in both surveys. Print was also viewed as trustworthy by higher percentages of students than electronic resources with four of the top six resources in both years. The perceived viability of print is not surprising given the constant refrains of caution about, and personal experience with, the reliability of information on the Internet versus print. Students know that electronic information is transient and easy to produce compared to the product and processes of print publication. The barriers to print publication afford an intuitive impression of higher integrity.”

ebrary’s 2011 Global Student E-book Survey also included a separate social media section that was not available in the 2008 survey, which will be analyzed and freely available shortly. Librarians are encouraged to explore the data from ebrary surveys and share their thoughts and opinions with others.

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