Video Report: “Little Free Libraries” Pop Up in Minnesota and Across U.S.

Posted on January 28, 2012 by


There are some new “libraries” popping up all across the country, including right here in the Twin Cities. The thing is, there isn’t a librarian, no need for a library card and the library itself is just about the size of a big mailbox.

“I wanted to slow down the traffic in front of the house,” said Little Free Libraries’ Todd Bol.

Bol’s rather creative way to get the attention of drivers was to put a little box on his front lawn, put some books in it and in a nutshell, the “Little Free Library” was born.


The premise is simple. Old books that have sat on shelves get dusted off and go into the box to be read again. Anybody can take one at any time. All that is asked is you either return it or lend one of your own books so that others may enjoy it.

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