Israel Broadcasting Authority Gives Public Access to Archival Treasures

Posted on January 30, 2012 by

From the The Jerusalem Post:

If you’ve been in Israel long enough and you’re a radio junkie, there are bound to be songs and programs that you love that you would like to have rebroadcast more often.

Now, you don’t have to sigh with nostalgia and live in hope – you can download many of your favorites from the archives of the Israel Broadcasting Authority.

Close to 20,000 programs and songs dating from before statehood until recent years have been digitized and are now accessible at


Of the material that is accessible, there are more than 10,000 songs and programs that reflect the pre-state era, and convey the spirit of the state in the making.

The items are categorized under Events, Holy Days and Festivals, Hazanut (cantorial music), Songs, Bible, Sketches based on tradition, Sabbath, Dances, Days of Awe, Music, Settlements, Jerusalem and General.

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