New York University’s Student Newspaper Publishes Editorial About e-Textbooks

Posted on January 30, 2012 by

The editorial is titled, “College students will stick to paper books” and was published by Washington Square News today.

From the Editorial:

The benefits of these e-Textbooks include the ability to quickly search through large amounts of text, insert marginalia in electronic comment boxes and access hyperlinks. Yet the tactile quality of textbooks, something e-Books will never have, allows readers a certain intimacy with their academic material. It’s a lot easier to curl up in bed with a textbook than it is to go to bed with a hunk of heated metal by your side.

It is evident from the limited success of e-Textbooks that students are comfortable with the current order of things: we prefer to have the option of choosing between printed textbooks and e-Textbooks. Though academia’s current preferences may lean toward physical books, this preference may change with future generations. Nevertheless, it remains a vital part of our college education that students have access to their reading material in medium that they can engage with.