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From the University of Delaware:

Any Delaware naturalist worth his or her hiking boots owns a well-thumbed copy of The Flora of Delaware. Written by Bill McAvoy, a botanist with the state’s Division of Fish and Wildlife, this thick paperback gives the 411 on Delaware’s 1,500-plus species of native plants.

But, good as it is, the book’s not perfect, mostly because some things have changed since it was published 11 years ago. Due to habitat loss and other factors, plants that were listed as common have now become uncommon; in a few cases, plants listed as rare have made a comeback due to restoration work by McAvoy and others.

A second edition of The Flora of Delaware was recently released and it’s got a number of advantages over the first edition. It’s free; it’s updated weekly by McAvoy; and it’s easily accessible in the field via tablets or smart phones.

More of an electronic database than a true eBook, this second edition was created by McAvoy and Andrew Homsey, GIS services manager for the Water Resources Agency, a program unit of the Institute for Public Administration in the School of Public Policy and Administration at the University of  Delaware.

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