Roundup: More College Press Coverage About eBooks and eTextbooks

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Two more articles discussing student use of ebooks and etextbooks.

1. University of Kansas: The Rise of the E-book (via University Daily Kansan)

Many students can’t give up loyalty to the printed book. Lottie Likens, the manager of University Book Shop, says customers have told her that buying e-books makes them feel like they are spending money on nothing. It’s like paying a decent amount of money for a non-tangible object. “You can’t beat having the book in your possession,” Likens says.


Alyson Lippert, a senior from Stilwell, usually reads one book every week. She prefers printed books, although she has a Kindle application on her iPad that allows her to download and read e-books. “Reading books on my iPad is convenient when I travel and when I go to class, but I like to have an actual book in my hand,” she says. Lippert has her books displayed on a bookshelf so she can go back and look at her accomplishments.

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2. University of Rochester: E-book popularity rising, UR students not following trend (via Campus Times)

…there are many practical problems surrounding the use of e-Textbooks on campus. UR Bookstore manager Maria Ferrante noted that, despite the widespread availability of e-Textbooks, the digital forms of many textbooks are much less popular than the hardcover versions. In practice, students who purchase e-Textbooks generally only do so when the bookstore has run out of hard copies and the student is desperate for the material.

“I don’t use e-Textbooks because I like to highlight and annotate in my textbooks — it helps me understand the material better,” junior Cindy Zu said.

Prices can also be a deterrent.

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