Six New Web Services Available Through the OCLC WorldShare Platform

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From the OCLC Developer Network:

You’ve probably heard about the OCLC WorldShare Platform, officially launched in December—the framework, architecture and infrastructure that Karen described in previous posts. Now I am pleased to say, there are SIX (6) new Web services available through the Platform for you to experiment and innovate with, in this new environment. And a lot of other great stuff, too. This post is long overdue–but worth the wait!

What does WorldShare mean?

The “cooperative platform” was our working title while we were in pilot, but now you’ll know it as the OCLC WorldShare Platform. It’s WorldShare because it encompasses the shared technical infrastructure of the Platform, making it easier to share your work with others–your code, apps, ideas and more.

Six new Web services
Now you’ll see more Web services available, including 5 all-new APIs related to the OCLC WorldShare Management Services (formerly known as OCLC Web-scale Management Services or OCLC WMS) and one for the WorldCat knowledge base:

  • WMS Acquisitions API
  • WMS Circulation API
  • WMS Collection Management API
  • WMS Vendor Information Center API
  • WMS NCIP Service
  • WorldCat knowledge base API

Library developers now have more than 20 APIs and Web services—including several that have write access!—at your fingertips.

More documentation
Your coding projects are supported by at least 20 to 25 new pages of documentation that provide all of the details you need about OCLC Web services and how they work. Going forward, you’ll see a consistent set of documentation for each API you can use.

Additional Details in the Complete Announcement


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