BibSoup: A New Bibliography Sharing/Searching Resource (Beta) From OKF Goes Live

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Congrats to the Open Knowledge Foundation/Open Bibliography Working Group Team!

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The team has been coding and blogging and bugfixing for a while now on the BibServer software, and we’ve mentioned in passing that our own instance has been up and running under the name of BibSoup… Now we are officially launching for beta fun, and asking the community to come and have a go and let us know what you think.

To get involved:


Share your collection with the world

If you are already used to managing your bibliography in tools like Zotero, Bibsonomy, Mendeley – or even in text editors using Bibtex or RIS – then you already have a collection and a management strategy, and probably even a way to collaborate with other people on it. But then, what do you do with it? At BibSoup you can upload it and create an interactive web page to share with anyone.

Search and faceted browse

Once your collection is up on BibSoup, you can search across all the records and filter by any value in your collection. You can also customise the view of your collection to show the most useful filters by default, or perform advanced searches using powerful query syntax.


The aim of this project is to show how Open Bibliography enables scholarship; to show our community what we are missing if we do not commit to Open Bibliography; and to show that Open Bibliography is a fundamental requirement of a community committed to discovery and dissemination of ideas.

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