Video Search: Vimeo Adds Options to Browse and Limit Search Results to Search Creative Commons Licensed Content

Posted on February 14, 2012 by

From a CC Blog Post by Jane Park:

We were thrilled when Vimeo enabled the CC license suite in July of 2010; we are even more thrilled that the Vimeo team has since recognized the community’s needs to easily discover high quality CC-licensed videos. Blake Whitman, Vimeo’s VP of Creative Development, says,

“We know the many ways in which sharing can positively impact creativity. As such, we will continue to build features that enable people to exchange ideas, and that support the Vimeo community’s growing demand for creative sharing. Our partnership with Creative Commons is the backbone of this commitment.“

Not only will this development help video creators and users everywhere, it will also help to improve our metrics on CC-licensed works on the web and assess their impact, so we can better help CC creators and users everywhere.

Take a Tour of the Redesigned Vimeo Site
With SEVERAL new advanced search options.

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NOTE: Vimeo is currently testing their redesigned site. To access the new features including the Creative Commons browse page and the advanced search interface where you can limit to CC licensed content, you’ll need to login to your Vimeo account and opt-in to the new site. Don’t have one? Registration is easy and fast.