New Mobile Audience Statistics Released in Latest Edition JiWire Quarterly Report

Posted on February 15, 2012 by

Some Key Findings via JiWire News Release:

JiWire today announced its latest Mobile Audience Insights Report, which examines connected-device adoption, location and mobile-shopping trends and public Wi-Fi trends.

JiWire’s report discovered that 80 percent of the on-the-go audience prefers locally relevant advertising and 75 percent are more likely to take an action after seeing a location-specific message. The top three actions include clicking on location-specific ads (31 percent), searching for the nearest location (21 percent) and/or conducting additional research (21 percent). Behavior further varies by smartphone device type. After clicking on an ad, iPhone users are most likely to conduct additional research (22 percent), Android users search for the nearest location (25 percent), and Blackberry users immediately make a purchase (21 percent).


Tablets continued to dominate market share with significant growth across both the U.S. and U.K., including the iPad, which saw substantial gains in Q4. The iOS and Android platforms increased in market share while Windows OS decreased. For the first time, the HP Touchpad, Kindle Fire and the Samsung Tablet have entered the Top 10 mobile devices. The report also looked at brand loyalty and found that iPhone owners are more likely to stay loyal to the Apple brand with 89.3 percent either owning or planning to purchase an iPad. While the majority of Android users are planning to purchase an iPad, Android has made fast strides in gaining customer loyalty considering it just launched its tablet June of last year. However, the Blackberry Playbook sees extremely little brand loyalty with 4 percent of consumers even considering owning one.

Download the Complete Report (16 pages; PDF)
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