A Redesigned Regulations.gov Website Now Live With Many New Features

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UPDATE: Article about Redesigned Site By Alex Howard at O’Reilly’s Gov 2.0:
“Regulations.gov relaunches with APIs, integrates social media, hopes for public participation”

From the Regulations.gov Web Xchange:

The re-launch of Regulations.gov introduces a new user interface to public stakeholders. This redesign addresses user needs while meeting the goals of Section 2 of Executive Order 13563. Specifically, the changes will improve public participation, support an “open exchange” of information and content, increase the knowledge of the regulatory process and provide easier access to rules and regulations. New features include:

  • New Homepage and site design
  • New Browse tab that features regulations grouped in 10 industry-related Categories
  • New Learn tab that offers an interactive description of the regulatory process
  • Improved layout of search results, filters and document spotlight
  • Integrated social media tools (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Regulations.gov Exchange)
  • New Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and standard, FR-specific URLs.

Direct to Regulations.gov Homepage

Direct To Regulations.gov “What’s New” Fact Sheet (4 pages; PDF)

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by Cass Sunstein

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