Learn About and Look at the Automated Retrieval System at Sonoma State University

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From the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat:

The storage component is three stories tall. There are no external windows. It’s fire and earthquake safe, with human access limited to one set of locked doors. It’s possibly the safest place on the Sonoma State University campus, and it’s called “The Vault.”

SSU’s Automated Storage and Retrieval System is the most advanced technology in library services today, and it serves the library portion of the Jean & Charles Schulz Information Center.

A between-floors track system allows electronic transfer vehicles a little bigger than a bread box to shuttle materials to and from the second-floor circulation desk.

But the three robots never leave and so far haven’t complained.

It’s the third such system installed in the United States at a cost of some $2 million and has been maximizing real estate costs since the opening of the Schulz Center in 2000.

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