Project Muse Will Add 45 Journal Titles During 2012 & Number of Journals with Complete Run in MUSE Grows

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From Project Muse News:

During 2012, MUSE will add 45 titles to the journals collections. New journals focus on a wide range of subjects such as:
  • Cultural Studies and Politics and Policy Studies
  • Literature and Philosophy
  • Medieval and Renaissance Studies and Literature
  • French Studies and Women’s Studies
  • Philosophy and Religion
A xls spreadsheet also available.

More News Project Muse

MUSE added another batch of journal back issues in January and three more journals now have their complete run in MUSE. Titles and the collections in which they are included are:
  • Children’s Literature Association Quarterly (complete run) (Premium, Standard, Humanities Collections)
  • Civil War History (Premium, Standard, Basic Research, Basic College)
  • Historically Speaking (complete run) (Premium, Social Sciences)
  • Jewish Quarterly Review (Premium, Standard, Basic Research, Humanities)
  • Latin American Theatre Review (Premium)
  • Southern Cultures (complete run) (Premium, Standard, Basic Research)
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