Creative Writing and the Web: Resources for the Literary Arts

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Creative Writing and the Web: Resources for the Literary Arts


Hugh Burkhart
Reference Librarian, Copley Library
University of San Diego


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From the Guide:

Writing can be at once exhilarating and exasperating, and getting your poetry, prose, or script noticed can be the most frustrating part of the process. As a writer and librarian, I understand the difficulty of sifting through online sources for everything from agents to submissions guidelines. Both the beginning writer and the seasoned veteran may find it challenging to determine the best venues for their work. The following resources represent a cross-section of sites aimed at authors investigating publications, searching for contests, looking for new writing, or simply seeking inspiration from a community of literary artists. The resources often cross the categories I’ve created, but I’ve placed them according to the needs I believe they serve best.


These resources should prove useful for teachers and librarians, but they are intended primarily for writers themselves. Of course, the list is not in any way exhaustive. However, most sites include further links to long lists of publications, publishers, contests, graduate programs, and professional organizations. The Internet offers a vast array of materials. My hope is that this compilation will cut down on the amount of time writers spend on information seeking, so that they can spend time on what’s most important—writing.

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