UCLA Library Announces $3.4 Million Grant From Arcadia Fund to Launch International Digitizing Ephemera Project (Incl. Social Media)

Posted on March 1, 2012 by

From the UCLA Newsroom:

The UCLA Library has received a grant of $3.4 million from the Arcadia Fund to launch an initiative to digitize, preserve and provide broad public access to print items, images, and multimedia and social networking resources produced in the Middle East.
Increasingly, the day-to-day reality of current events in the Middle East is documented not in the pages of printed newspapers but through Facebook postings, tweets, smartphone photos and other informal ephemeral media. The new International Digitizing Ephemera Project will focus on collecting this documentation, organizing it and making it available, together with digitized versions of relevant print items, to offer primary sources that students and scholars can utilize and build upon in instruction and research.
The UCLA Library will collaborate with three international partners on the five-year project. One of the partners, the National Library of Israel, has already been identified; the two remaining ones will be chosen by the project director and advisory board.
The project is expected to offer a model that other institutions can adopt for collaborative international preservation and access activities. In the long term, the UCLA Library also hopes to expand it to other areas of the world, such as eastern Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands and Central America, where traditional documentation of events and communities is lacking and researchers must rely on ephemeral primary sources.