Where’s Pottermore? “Fans’ Fury Spells Bad News for JK Rowling”

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From The Scotsman:

Irate JK Rowling fans have taken to the internet to complain because Pottermore, the high-profile online interactive version of the Edinburgh-based writer’s books about the boy wizard, has been beset by delays.

The site, which was launched by Sony in partnership with the multi-millionaire author, was due to open to the public last October but is still not available for registration five months on. But the author’s spokesman has only added to the mystery by saying she was not prepared to say what was causing the problem.


Pottermore, which announced last week that its e-books would be made available to more than 18,000 public and school libraries worldwide, has said that it still has no date for when the site will be made fully available.


On Pottermore, a spokesperson for Rowling told Scotland on Sunday: “We’re not ready to say yet [why there has been a delay]. There is no further information at the moment – but it will be obvious [why there has been a delay] when it is announced.”

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