Australia Considers National Digital Archive: Copyright Act Amendment Could See All Electronic Publications in National Library

Posted on March 8, 2012 by

via The Register:

Australia’s Legal Deposit requirement, which compels publishers to send copies of all books to the National Library, may be extended to digital works.

The potential extension of the Legal Deposit is discussed in a new Consultation Paper issued by the Federal Attorney General’s Department.


Attorney General Nicola Roxon has noticed the rise of electronic publications and says “Australian readers, authors, publishers and creators are increasingly adapting to the realities of the 21st century digital environment.”

“I think it is important that the current legal deposit scheme should adapt as well.”

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Read the Consultation Paper Discussed in the Article: “Extending Legal Deposit”
PDF and Word Versions Available

This current paper is focussed solely on a proposal for an extended scheme in the Copyright Act for the National Library and is without prejudice to further consultation to be conducted by the Office for the Arts on legal deposit of audiovisual material to the NFSA [National Film and Sound Archive)