New Article: “Copyright: Regulation Out of Line with our Digital Reality?”

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Copyright: Regulation Out of Line with our Digital Reality?


Abigail J. McDermott
Graduate Research Assistant
The Information Policy and Access Center (iPAC), and
Masters Candidate in Library Science, University of Maryland, College Park.


Information Technologies and Libraries (Vol 31, No 1) 


This paper provides a brief overview of the current state of copyright law in the United States, focusing on the negative impacts of these policies on libraries and patrons. The article discusses four challenges current copyright law presents to libraries and the public in general, highlighting three concrete ways intellectual property law interferes with digital library services and systems. Finally, the author suggests that a greater emphasis on copyright literacy and a commitment among the library community to advocate for fairer policies is vital to correcting the imbalance between the interests of the public and those of copyright holders.

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