Google Will Form Partnership With Belgian ‘Paper Internet’ Museum & Networked Knowledge, Decades Before Google

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via The Verge:

Google will be sponsoring a traveling exhibit on the Mundaneum, a “paper internet” that includes over 12 million index cards meant to capture the sum of human understanding. It will also help set up a series of talks on Internet issues and may eventually digitize the archive’s contents, says the Mundaneum’s director Jean-Paul Deplus. In return, the museum will use the Google+ social network as part of its outreach efforts.


The Mundaneum was founded in 1895 by Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine, who imagined a “city of knowledge” that would contain links to every book, picture, and document in the world.

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Published July  22, 2011

Belgian librarian Paul Otlet created the Mundaneum. A trained lawyer from a wealthy family, Otlet wanted to map out the world’s knowledge and preserve it in his wooden cabinets. He envisioned collecting all of the books ever published and interlinking them using an archival system he developed himself.


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