Video: UK Culture Minister Says Libraries Aren’t in Crisis

Posted on March 14, 2012 by

From the Oxford Mail:

[UK] Culture Minister Ed Vaizey yesterday told MPs there was no libraries crisis.


He told MPs there was “no crisis” in the library service and said it was vital to be realistic about changes in provision.

He said: “If you said we’re not going to have every library as a bells and whistles library staffed by professional librarians, you could have more libraries.”

Libraries run by volunteers could open longer and provide books that are “more in tune” with local communities, he added.

Mr Vaizey said: “I think libraries are very resilient. I don’t think the library service is in crisis, which is what some people would like to give the impression of.”

Watch Culture Minster Vaizey Discuss Public Libraries With Parliament’s Culture, Media and Sport Committee
Recorded March 13, 2012

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