Ireland: Library Recovers Tome Missing For 100 Years

Posted on March 21, 2012 by

From CNN:

The book, missing for a century, has turned up in “remarkably good condition” and has been returned to grateful staff at Archbishop Marsh’s Library in Dublin.

The hero of the story is an Irish barrister who plucked the tome from a junk shop. The attorney paid the princely sum of €90 (about $119), picking up an antique mirror into the bargain. Realizing there was something rather special about the book, he brought it to Marsh’s Library, where the librarians recognized it as their own.

The book is the middle part of a five-volume set of the complete works of the Greek philosopher and physician Galen. It was published in Basel, Switzerland, in 1538, and had been in the Dublin library’s collection since 1701.

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