New Searchable Directory Lists “Alternative” Book Publishers and Periodicals

Posted on March 27, 2012 by

A new, useful, and important resource from Rory Litwin and Library Juice Press.

From the Alternatives In Print Directory:

Alternatives in Print is an online directory of alternative periodicals and book publishers, “alternative” in this case referring to literature that is outside the mainstream, politically-oriented, and in some sense rooted in the Left. It is a combination of what were formerly two reference books published separately by  different organizations. Annotations was a directory of periodicals published by the Alternative Press Center, which now participates in updating this resource. Alternative Publishers of Books in North America (APBNA) was a directory of publishers, updated every two years by its compiler, Byron Anderson, who created his directory under the auspices of the American Library Association’s Social Responsibilities Round Table. Anderson also participates in updating the online directory. Both sides of the resource, the periodicals side and the book publishers side, are built according to clear criteria for inclusion.

Articles Included in the Directory

Here’s One Entry from the Alternatives in Print Directory