Saskatchewan Archives Cut Hours, Staff

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From the Regina Leader-Post:

The Saskatchewan Archives Board has had to cut hours and staff as a result of this year’s provincial budget.

“We didn’t get a sufficient increase to keep going at the status quo. So we had to re-examine where we’re at in terms of staff and the ability to offer services,” said Linda McIntyre, provincial archivist for Saskatchewan, who added the budget results were disappointing.


Now, the offices are only open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Telephone services are only offered on these days as well. The changes were implemented on Monday.

According to this year’s provincial budget released on Wednesday, the board received $4.341 million, an increase from $4.167 million in 2011-12


The cuts come at a time where Saskatchewan Archives are already backlogged with email, written and telephone inquiries as well as drop-in requests for services.

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