UK: New Website for the Archives Sector Launched

Posted on March 29, 2012 by

From the National Archives (UK):

Our new Archives sector website has launched today, providing guidance and information for everyone who works with or within archives.

The website brings together strategic and practical resources for archives across the country to develop their collections and services and improve the experience of their users. It provides a place for archives to share learning and to promote their best practice. We consulted with our users and carried out extensive testing to create the website, which will continue to evolve as new initiatives such as the Archives Accreditation standard roll out.

As sector leader for archives in England we work together with custodians of records, from private owners to publicly funded services, to promote and realise the true value of archives.

The creation of the Archives sector website has meant some changes to our Information management website. Information previously found under Our projects and work and Our services relating to archives can now be found on our new Archives sector website.

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