F&W Media Launches Its First eBook Subscription Site For “Enthusiasts”, Seven More Niche Sites Coming By End of Q2

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From a News Release:

F+W Media, Inc. [has launched] the first in a series of eBook Subscription Sites created specifically for enthusiasts. The first site, Artist’s Network eBooks Book Club, the Company’s art community ebook subscription site, http://ebooks.artistsnetwork.com, features more than 100 full-color art instruction titles from the Company’s celebrated art community. The ebooks are available in their original format and delivered to subscribers via computer, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android mobile device.


The sites allow subscribers to easily access new titles, take notes, add bookmarks, and create a library of titles viewed. The reader itself contains tools to zoom in on text or images and change orientation and layout. F+W has planned the release of seven additional  ebook subscription sites dedicated to writing, design, firearms, woodworking, genealogy, craft, and romance fiction.  “The technology, content, and messaging came together seamlessly – in part thanks to our partners at Impelsys. This allows us to replicate the model across our communities, quickly,” added Phelps.

At the moment the art community site provides access to more than 100 art instruction titles. New books will be added weekly.

A personal subscription to this library costs $199/year.

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Note: We plan to chat with the company next week re: if they plan to offer library subscriptions.

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