Social Media in Europe: Survey of 1000 Swedish Facebook Users Released

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From the University of Gothenburg (via AlphaGalileo):

Key Findings from the Survey:

The average user spends 75 minutes per day on Facebook

• The average user logs on to Facebook 6.1 times per day

• 70 percent log in every time they start their computer or web reader

• 26 percent feel ill at ease if they do not get to log in regularly

• Women spend on average 81 minutes per day on Facebook

• Men spend on average 64 minutes per day on Facebook

• Facebooking is primarily a habit among young users

• Older Facebook users use Facebook to get to know more people

• 67 percent of young users use Facebook to kill time

• 38 percent share negative information in their status updates

• Women write more about emotions and relationships

• One third of the men try to provoke others on Facebook, which is twice the figure for women

• More than 50 percent of the users broadcast information and knowledge via Facebook

• Women who use Facebook more are also report feeling less happy and less content with their lives

• One quarter of the respondents brag on Facebook

Read the Complete Summary

Direct to Full Text: Sweden’s Largest Facebook Study (38 pages; PDF)



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