Newark, CA: Schools to Lose Librarians Unless Alternative Funding is Found

Posted on April 4, 2012 by

From the Newark Patch:

Starting next year, most school libraries in Newark will be missing a key aspect – librarians.

That is unless the Newark Unified School District and its Board of Education choose to reverse cuts to library services that were approved in December 2010

But as of late last week, Superintendent of Schools Dave Marken said the proposed cuts still stand.


The school district currently employs nine school librarians – one at each of the district’s elementary schools and one at Newark Junior High School, according to Senior Director of Human Resources Tim Erwin.

Newark Memorial High School has a credentialed librarian.

The district funds library clerks at 19.5 hours per week but individual school sites may have reduced library hours based on funds and others might have more library hours based on monies raised by donations through parent organizations, Erwin said.

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