Web Tools: AnnotateIt and Annotator: A New Mode of Communication on the Web from OKFN

Posted on April 5, 2012 by

From the Open Knowledge Foundation Blog:

For some time, we at the Open Knowledge Foundation have been working on a project to allow you to annotate the web. All of it. We’re now happy to announce two major releases: of Annotator, the code that makes web annotation possible, and AnnotateIt, a web service providing storage for your annotations.


Annotator is a piece of code that runs in your web browser and helps you add commentary to the web. There’s an Annotator “bookmarklet” — like the one used by Pinterest and many other web applications — which allows you to create annotations on any web page simply by selecting content with your mouse. This will work no matter where on the web you are…

Much more info about AnnotateIt and the Annotator software along with a look at what’s new and what’s in the works in the complete blog post.

There is no charge to use these tools.

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