New Report from Ithaka S+R: “Taking Steps Toward ‘Interactive Learning Online'”

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From the Ithaka S+R News Release:

Extraordinary pressure is mounting on colleges and universities—especially public universities—to address the ever-increasing growth in the costs of higher education and to improve student learning outcomes. Online learning holds great promise to address these issues, but requires these institutions to operate in substantially different ways. “Barriers to Adoption of Online Learning Systems in US Higher Education,” an Ithaka S+R report released today and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, highlights the challenges to be overcome by institutions so that they can take advantage of online learning technologies, and explores why highly interactive online systems have yet to take hold in any substantial way.

The report summarizes and provides analysis based on the experience and impressions of senior administrators and deans from a range of institutions including research universities, small colleges, and community colleges. These impressions were gathered through interviews conducted largely by Lawrence Bacow and William Bowen, Ithaka S+R senior advisors, and Kevin Guthrie, ITHAKA’s president.

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